Sunday, June 14, 2009

Patriotic Projects #6

Hi all
Well this is the last project from the 6-7-09 stampin session. It is a big project!!! This "Liberty" Banner is made using the small and large pennant die cuts. Why use both sizes? Well, in part because it makes more conservative use of your cardstock. Plus I think using the two different sizes is somewhat more interesting for the eye than having all of them the same size. Of course, the letters are the serif alphabet die cuts and each letter has a scallop die behind it cut from desinger paper. This does use a lot of cardstock but if you store it carefully it is reusable for Memorial Day, Labor Day as well as the Fourth of July. I am leaving mine up for a while - it cheers me each time I see it.
Nighty Night


Jill Henage said...

How cute!!

Linda said...

Love all of the projects you did - might have to give in and buy the pennant die!