Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hi all,
Feeling a bit under the weather today so I am just taking a minute to say hi!
I want to give a shout out to my dear friend, Maureen, who I was able to chat with tonight. We are long time buds but admittedly, we mostly connected at work over the past 30 years. Busy growing families that placed lots of demands on our time always meant that we were most likely to connect over lunch at work or via email. Last January, the situation changed dramatically, and those touch points are not available as they were. We have had to alter our methods of connecting and I don't think I have been as adaptable as I would like. Shame on me! But the fact is, there are people in my life, especially Maureen, who cross my mind frequently, even when our direct contact is put on hold. Dear people who are treasured. I think I'll contact a few more of those folks this weekend and let them know they are dear. Maybe yo'al could do that, too. It is that time of year when families and friends reconnect. Why wait til Thanksgiving? Thanks for stopping by. . and hugs!

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