Thursday, November 12, 2009

Where'd she go?

Hi all
I here!! - just up to my neck in quarterly progress reports and my "observation". I did an inservice for the staff at one of my schools yesterday as my observation. Thank heaven that is over!!! I am NOT a nervous public speaker but for some reason, this situation had me a bit off my groove. I was concerned about it and spent many hours writing an revising. The audience was larger than I expected (actually twice as large as I expected). They were a gracious and interactive audience and they received my perspective well. Like I said, I'm glad it is over. Being true to my Libra ways, after somethng like that I am exhausted for days after. However, after a longer than I planned nap tonight, I finally made it back to my stamp room. I worked up another card for my Stamp a stack on Sunday and hunted for a die that a coworker needs. I hope to post some projects this weekend. Thanks for waiting for me!! chat soon!

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