Thursday, May 6, 2010

Baby Shower gift

Hi All
Wanted to share a new project with you tonight but my computer has taken on a life of its' own. It is late here and I need to hit the hay so I will post just one quick picture.  This is a decorated lunch bag for a coworkers baby shower tomorrow.  Both the bear and the carraige are die cuts - the bear is done in felt.  Inside the bag is a photo album "skeleton" - I decorated chipboard pages and connected them with a metal loop then included page titles and accent pieces .....but I did not attach the titles or accents.  The Mom can assembly it the way that she likes. 
I have been working on the favors (REALLY simple ones 'cuz I got very little advance notice...and they look cute .. I'll show you as soon as I figure out where the pictures went!!
Thanks for visiting my blog ...I hope you came this past weekend as part of the blog tour.  There were so many great blogs to see!!   Your comments are welcome!
Have you seen the new mini catalog yet?  Let me know if you would like to have one.

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