Monday, January 17, 2011


Hi all!!
I don't usually like to say "fabulous" about my own work but this project turned out soo nicely!  I am thrilled!

You have to understand that this project started out as just a vague idea....a tissue box cover (a request of one of my customers) details. So I did what I usually do...I "percolated" on the idea.  I really like the new textured impressions tulip border folder from the new mini catalog so I wanted to use it as a layer ...but mine had not arrived yet so I did not have the exact dimensions of the outside or the inside of the design of the folder.  Even without  those dimensions, I started thinking about what I wanted the face of the box to look like.  I thought chipboard (the DSP layer with the oval hole is adhered to chipboard) would add dimension to the project but I also like to be thrifty in my use of my materials (and by doing that, to show YOU how to be thrifty with yours, too).  That led me to decide to cut out the center of the chipboard, thus revealing the center of the tulip border layer rather than adding another layer on the top.  Then I began to choose my images - of course, they had to fit inside the cut out oval.  To my surprise, the first two images I choose were birds.  Funny...because I am not usually drawn toward bird images.  Having chosen two birds, I decided to go with the flow.  Thus, all four sides show different birds.  As I was making the project model, I felt that each side of the box really could stand on its' own as a card front, so I decided to invite each lady to also make a card to match each side at the class (the class was not advertised to include cards).  The ladies made the tissue box cover and four cards.  Today, I am going to show you the box and I will post closeups of the four sides of the box over the next few days.
Unfortunately, one of the stampers who signed up for the class had a last minute situation which prevented her from coming to class.  I want her to have a chance to make the project in a comfortable situation so I have decided to offer the class again, with a special option, next Sunday, January 23 at 2 PM. You have a choice between making  a) the tissue box and four cards or b) two of each of the four cards.  If you are looking at this work and wishing you had come to join in the fun, contact me by Wednesday night (19th) and be sure to say whether you want to make 8 cards (2x4) or 4 cards and one tissue box cover. The fee is $20.  There is a possibililty that some of the DSP patterns/embellishments might be slightly different than the model - it depends on how many stampers sign up.  Hope to see you there.
One last thing ...a shout out to Martha, my newest follower!! Welcome to my blog...hope you enjoy what you see here!


Rose said...

Very cute tissue box cover, I'm dying to see the close up's and cards. Thanks for sharing.

Sandi said...

Your tissue box is absolutely gorgeous!! Love the designs for each side and love it that you posted up close pictures of each side. Awesome blog!!
Sandi Dailey