Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday greetings!

Hi all
Just a quick hello and a giggle before I hit the hay! 
What a day!...absolutely freezing (still is, I just came in from getting something out of my car...brrrrr!) and the Steelers won  :-(   bummer!
But, I had a fun repeat class today with a soon to be first time mom (though we all agreed, she didn't look that far along!), and a new friend (and she isn't a newbie to stamping!!) and an old friend (it is always great to see our long time friends!) and my dear friend and downline, Em.  Now Em presented me with a little (actually not so little, at all!) treat at the end of class.  A pair of scissors - the lllloooonnnngggggeeeesssstttt pair of scissors you ever saw....think Edward Scissorhands!  We had quite a few laughs over those amazing scissors and there was consensus that my schools wouldn't even let me bring them there ...tooo lethal!!!!  I put the scissors in a safe place and began to clean up my stampin playroom.  As I was straightening up, I realized I needed to put address labels on some mini catalogs that I am delivering tomorrow.  Well I seem to be a bit short on labels but I did find a sheet of labels from a while back.   Only problem was, one of the phone numbers on the labels was from a pager I no longer have (does anyone even remember having a pager?)  No problem.  Being a tree hugger, I figured I could just cut off the error and use the rest of the label with the accurate info.  I started to cut off the phone number but it was tiny print and I felt like I was hacking it up a bit and then I new edward scissorhands scissors!!   They cut across that sheet of labels perfectly!!!!  Only had to cut twice (one really long cut and one short one) and voila!  labels.  So Em thanks for the very useful tool...It is already "in service".
Notice  -  I am having a stampin class next Sunday - Jan 30th at 2 PM.  We will be making cards and hearts will figure prominently in the designs but the cards will NOT NECESSARILY be valentines.  They will be good for "thinking of you" and "happy birthday" or "happy valentines" if you choose.  I need to hear from you by Thursday night if you plan to attend.  Fee is $20 and you need to bring your scissors, snail and sticky strip adhesives and a bone folder if you have one.  Questions?  call or e-me.


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