Monday, January 10, 2011

How to...folded cash cup

Hi all
I have gotten quite a few requests for the directions to make my folded money here they are.... I am using a one dollar bill.
To determine the width of the bill that will fit in the cup, lay the bill on top of the cup with one edge up against the edge of the cup.   You will fold the bill at the point where the opposite edge of the cup meets the bill.
You can fold the bill forward or backward, according to what part or color you want to show.

You will want your folds to be crisp, so use your bone folder on all the folds.
Now you will want to determine how big to make your fan/accordian folds.  Insert the end of the bill into the cup and eyeball where you should fold according to the depth of the cup.

Accordian fold the length of the bill, using the bone folder on each crease.

Stick a jeweled brad over the folded bill - you will want to place it in the center - if you are a little off center it will show in the next step and you can adjust then.
This is a super close up to show you that I place a FOLDED mini glue dot on one corner.  I folded the dot so that only a minimal amount of paper was sticky.  I need the ends to stick together but I didn't want to tear the paper.

Bring the two edges together to form one side of the circle.

Do the same thing on the other side (see the folded glue dot on the left side?)

Now work with the folds to make the flower balanced and even.
Ta da!!!!   Hope these pictures help you with the process!


Cindee said...

This is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing how you made the money flower!

Linda Tarolli said...

Excellent tutorial. I shall have to try it.