Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shout out to June!!

Want to send a quick  shout out of "hi" and "thinking of you" to my friend June who made the mistake of breaking her ankle!!!!!  Man!!! do I know what that is like!  Only bone(s) I have ever broken were the tibia and fibula after sliding on the thinnest piece of ice ever.  ouch!  there is something kinda funny that, in the midst of all this snow and ice we are having (will we ever get back to school?), June broke her ankle inside her house.  Yikes!!  She always has been unconventional!!
Hope she is up and about in no time.  June is a clever lady...I know she will fill her down time with interesting and novel experiences.
Also welcome to my newest unnamed follower who must own a golden doggie.  Welcome!

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