Monday, January 2, 2012

cookie-less treat

I have several folks who I like to give treats to at the holidays - nothing big, just a little something to share, to say thanks, or you are a great friend.  This year I saw a cute idea on the internet - but it felt a bit incomplete.   The lady had a cute little poem with a cookie cutter attached.  I made up a top note die with the poem and attached a cookie cutter but also attached a pouch of cookie mix.

The gift made several friends laugh...and isn't laughter during a stressful season a wonderful gift?  Here is a close up  of the poem

Maybe you can rework the idea to suit your situation.

I have posted a class for Jan 8th on my Stampin' Up site ...check it out.  I plan to have  several classes this month but I am holding off on posting them until I know for sure what the Raven's will be doing.  Sure hope they hang in there fore the long haul.  If they are playing on Sundays, I may have classes on Saturday instead.   Still percolating on it....what do you think? 
Also, thanks to those of you who have shared your "wish list" for class will see them in the coming weeks.

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