Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Get well project #8

Hi all
Had an interesting Valentine's Evening.  We don't like to go out for fancy dinners when the whole world is doing so too, so we had not planned to have a fancy dinner tonight, but we did eat out.  Came home to a poor puppy who is still slinking about after getting several shots yesterday - he seems to be uncomfortable and it has definitely quieted his demeanor.  But then the excitement began.  We had a toilet over flow - quite a bit.  Unfortunately, it was the upstairs bathroom and the water followed the duct work of the house and ended up flooding my stamp area a bit.  We handled that...and then an hour or so later, I found it had also flooded in my storage closet.  I am so done with this excitement!

Tonight I wanted to share the last Get Well project with you. The get well cup was my favorite project, but this card is my favorite card from that class.

It was inspired by a project made by Lisa Young - mostly I used her layout.  Hope you are inspired by it too.
Reminder:  Wed the 15th is the deadline to sign up for my next stampin session.

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