Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine Shadow box, version 2

Hi all
What a day!  I was looking forward to a slow paced day off but Dave has finished painting the living room so it was time to move everything out of the dining room exhausting!  Everything had to be boxed.  I had gotten Dave to collect some empty wine bottle boxes from the liquor store so I was able to drop glassware into the slots in the did that speed up the process!  But still had all the plates and knick knacks to box and move. Lots of bending down and walking back and forth! It was so tempting to really examine everything to decide what can be given away but I know myself well enough to know that would have slowed me down alot.  So I boxed and moved everything and only trashed the obvious.  I will check out the details on the unpack end.  I am actually looking forward to washing everything when it is time to unpack.  It should look great!  When I was finished, Dave jumped right in and started his meticulous wall repairs.

Today I want to show you one of the alternatives to the Valentine Shadow box.  When I repeated the session on Sunday, I had to use the 8 hole boxes so one of the long designs had to be changed.  Here is what we did in the center top spot....

I really like the teacup... so nice!


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