Monday, December 10, 2012

Countdown to xmas

Hi all
Today  I am interrupting the ornament show to post pictures of a countdown to Christmas I made for my roommates at work.
One nice thing about this project is, it is temporary; I can take it apart and reuse the box for another project.  I made the simple countdown numbers in alternating colors and clipped each to a drawer with a circular paper clip.  I bought the set of boxes at a big craft store with a coupon.  Unfortunately, the drawers fit quite tightly so covering them with designer paper is unlikely to work.  I love countdowns to Christmas although not too many of my gals seem interested in them.   Some folks think it is a kid thing but let's face it, anyone enjoys a little surprise treat!!  I didn't feel like I could take on making four different sets for my four roommates, which is why I am rotating who gets the treat from Monday to Thursday.  Everyone gets a treat on Fridays.  I think they are enjoying the treats - especially since I have been mixing up what each person gets...mostly candy.  Hope it inspires you to do something nice for a friend or co-worker.

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