Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hi all,
We certainly are having some difficult days of late.  I find myself thinking about the families of the murdered children .. so unimaginably sad...but also of the first responders and technicians who have horrible images in their heads that they will probably never want to share with anyone.  I hope they will come to some peace...and soon. 
I think of the front office personnel of schools and day care centers everywhere, who have been so horribly reminded that they are right on the front line of any attack.  All the procedures in the world are up for grabs against a maniac who loses his humanity and acts without conscience.  If you have a child in school, take a minute to thank every employee you see....from the front office staff  to the classroom staff to the custodians who every day make good decisions to serve you and your children and keep them safe in a dozen different ways.  At this time of year I'm always struck by the how families deal with the holidays.  Some try to show their gratitude and respect for teachers and staff with lovely gifts.  But to me, the best gift of all is a heartfelt thank you note.  There is no gift card or candle that will touch my heart as much as a handwritten note from a parent saying "thank you"...and it doesn't cost more than pennies and a few minutes of time.  Never say, I can't afford to give everyone a have a minute to say thanks.
Today I have a cute ornament to share with you...I think it might be the last one from the class....I'll have to check that.
This ornament was made from roof sheeting material and the two tags die and the Big Shot machine.  Love it.
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