Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hi all
Today I want to share with you a three dimensional star ornament - the gals really seemed to enjoy this project. 
I like it because it can be made any size which makes it useful in many different ways.  We used five  3" square pieces of designer paper which were each folded vertically and horizontally (the folds forming a + on the paper) and then you turn the paper over and fold just once on the diagonal.  You adhere the five pieces in a stack (glue the outside of the first folded paper to the outside of the second folded paper, etc.) Then you add a piece of solid colored cardstock to the top and bottom of the stack - we also stamped on a piece of vanilla cardstock and layered it on the colored cardstock square.  The ribbon is sandwiched between the solid cardstock and the stamped piece.
When you open the star up, here is how it looks....

Imagine that you made the item from several full sheets of designer paper.  Then you would have a large enough surface on which to scrapbook.  Experiment with different papers to see what you create!!

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