Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hi all

Today I had the most awful experience..really upsetting!  I was traveling on Joppa Road in Towson and signaled to make a left turn onto a side street in the neighborhood where I grew up.  There was a car coming down the side street....but she whipped into a U turn right in front of me!  Not only did she cut right in front of my car but she had pulled so far forward onto Joppa Road that she was actually in the lane going in the opposite direction from me as she turned.  Had I not screeched to a halt, we would have collided badly. I was totally irritated to see that not only was she holding and talking on a cell phone, but there was a young child sitting in the back seat!!!   I stopped my car and walked back to her.   She rolled down her window and apologized to me, saying that she was lost.   I told her she did not need to apologize to me but to her son, as she had seriously endangered him by holding and talking on a cell phone while driving.  She persisted in saying she was lost...I said then pull over and make your call!!!   She went into a tirade asking, hadn't I ever made a poor judgment?  Really?  Are you kidding me?  She continued to hold her phone and seemed unable to glean any insight into the horribly dangerous habit of talking while driving.  I walked away shaking my head and saying a prayer that the child's guardian angel is vigilant, because the mom wasn't at all!!  A long time ago, I was in an accident with my son in the car - we were rear ended while sitting at a stop light.   I felt horrible for not being able to keep my son safe from this danger even though clearly I had done nothing to create the situation, except be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  How could this woman not see the need to put down the damn phone!!   Please friends...keep your family safe - don't "cell" while driving.

Here is the project for today...

This project is made from the Framelits...three of them are glued together with the snowflake suspended inside.  Have to admit, the gals were a little stumped by the process of gluing half of one side to the next frame and then that frame to the third one but eventually everyone got theirs assembled.  The glitter paper looked great!
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