Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Shower party favors

Hi all
In between sessions of progress report writing this weekend, I met with a coworker for several hours for a stampin/punchin session.  The lady's very dear friend is going to be "showered" next week and my coworker wants to contribute the favors to the big event.  She wanted a monkey theme and she selected a container that really caught her eye.  Ultimately, I think she was sorry she had chosen that particular box because it was a bit more involved in the assembly than she realized.  Did I mention she is not a crafter?  I thought it went together very nicely - we made 45 of them.  Kinda cute I think...what do you think?

Tomorrow I will get back to posting the rest of the cards from the Easter class.  Pop back for a look-see.


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