Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Ramblings

Hi all
Hope everyone enjoyed a joyful Easter celebration with family and friends.  For me, the holiday is over and I have to be back to work on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, I am headed back to work a smidge under the weather due to a skin infection.  Just hoping the medication I got today will put me back to normal soon without any of those "side effects" we all hate.  I am grateful to whoever canceled their appointment with my doctor today which allowed me to get in and have it taken care of without having to miss work.  Felt like I had hit the lottery when the receptionist said she could fit me in.  Speaking of lottery - for years, when my kids were little, I set up assorted Easter egg hunts for the big day.  I have always included my adult guests in the prizes (silly things, such as gardening gloves, seeds, candies, etc) but with my "baby" nearly 18 years old, the egg hunts are long gone.  More recently I have handed out scratch off lottery tickets to all the guests with dessert.  Sorry to say, we never have big winners but we do enjoy the scratching and the hoping.  This year we had about four little winners out of the 24 tickets we scratched.
My husband always gives me a HUGE chocolate bunny - usually over 24 inches tall - for Easter from a local chocolate shoppe.  The funny thing is that I am very good at stretching out the treat - so much so that I still have a small hunk from the bunny I got last year!!  Now that is rationing!!  Dave also gave me a wonderful treat - a bag to carry my Nook with me to SLC this summer.  I am worried about putting the Nook down (or in the seat pouch) and then leaving it behind.  He got me a wonderful pouch that is exactly what I have been looking for online.  It is a vertical pouch with a zipper closure and several pockets.  It isn't very large but it will hold the Nook or my mini computer (or both!) with room for the cords too and it has a long strap so I can wear it over my shoulder.  I am so happy to have it.  Oh...and it is the first Vera Bradley bag I have ever owned.  I am not usually one for buying name brand goodies...but Dave is.  We found it Saturday at a local shoppe.  Really cool because the bag is colorful!!  Every one I saw on line was black... ick!  I wanted color!!  yeah...I got it!.  Hope you were treated well too.
Come back tomorrow for a lovely card!!

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