Saturday, May 28, 2011

how to get the tuxes and dresses

Hi all
I'm getting many questions about the tuxes and dresses...they were made from Accucut dies - BIG dies (about 8 x 10" or larger) which I cut on my Accucut machine.  I've had this wonderful machine for many many years - since way before SU started carrying Sizzix.  I do "cut to order" so if you are interested in having me cut some for you, just contact me. Believe me when I say, you do not want to hand cut these patterns as they are very detailed.
One more thing ...the bride's have been filling the boxes with candied almonds, Hershey hugs and kisses, or whatever favorite candy the bride and groom enjoy.  Personally, I usually use the red and white soft mint candies because I can get them locally at the Walgreen's in a big tub and they are individually wrapped.  I think folks appreciate that these candies are "clean" (untouched by someone else's hands) and they are cheaper than kisses. The cello wrapper helps to fill up the interior space or if you use smaller candies, you could use Easter grass or shreaded paper fillers.


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