Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In honor of women class project #7

Hi all
Finally got a chance to get back on line to post another project for you.  What do you suppose you could make with this?

There are many projects posted on the internet using the petal cone die.  Wait til you see where we end up with this!!!  The above picture shows a petal cone die cut of felt - this particular felt is stiff  which is helpful in this project.  I don't know if the stiff felt has a particular name, but as I said it works great for this project.

The first thing I did was cut off the tab on the side.

I die cut the petal cone (minus the tab) from the Big Shot Fabric Adhesive (on a roll, 122194) and from SU fabric - in this case I used the retired Candy Cane Christmas fabric.  Then I attached the adhesive to to the die cut felt - you attach it by layering the two and then ironing the adhesive to the felt.  You remove the backing to expose the other side of the adhesive and iron the fabric onto the felt.  Note: some folks attach the adhesive to the fabric and then die cut but I find I waste a lot of product that way.

Here are several of the die cut fabric pieces (note I didn't omit the tab yet on these).

Then I folded the heart lengthwise and matched up the edges.  I used bakery twine (available on page 10 of the SU summer mini catalog) to blanket stitch the pocket closed.  Now here are some of the tricks about this step.  When you thread the needle, put both loose ends through the eye of the needle and after you go through the both sides of the heart at the tip of the cone to join the two sides, go through the loop at the end of the thread and pull tight.  This will give you a neat beginning and you won't have to knot the twine.  Work your way up the straight edges until you get to the end of the straight side.  At the beginning of the curves, separate the two loose ends of the twine and begin stitching with only one layer.  When you reach the other end of the curve, leave the end loose.  Go back and stitch the other side with the other strand of twine until you meet up with the first one on the other side of the curve.  Tie a knot using the two strands and tuck into the pouch.

In order to keep my pouch closed, I attached a Stampin Up! button to the front of the pouch - I should suggest to you that you put something (temporarily) between the fabric and the button - I  used a small crochet hook - by doing that you have a button that is loosely attached.  Then I sewed a hair scrunchie to the tip of the other side.  Why do you need this closure?  So your scissors don't fall out of this scissor pouch!  Cool, huh?  The thickness of the felt keeps the points of the snips from poking out.  This is a quick project and any mom would be glad to have a special pouch for her snips.
 Doesn't every mom threaten the family if they touch her "good" scissors?
Aren't they cute??  Love it!!

Hope you like it too!!

I will be hostessing a stampin class on Friday, May 13th at 7:00 PM (I know, brave of me to do it on Friday the thirteenth.)  Because it is a night class after a work day, we will only be making 6 projects and the fee will be $15.  I need to hear from you by Tuesday, May 10th if you plan on attending.  Contact me by email or phone to register.  Payment made at the class must be made in cash.  Feel free to mail me a check by May 10th.  I hope to get back to Sunday afternoon classes on the 22nd.



Carol said...

Very clever idea!

Anonymous said...

Peggy, very cute. I may have to buy the petal cone die at some point. :) These would be cute to make for my club members. Looking forward to seeing you in SLC.

Diana K.