Sunday, May 15, 2011

senior times

Hi all
Wow!  I have had the craziest weeks lately!  We are up to our necks in all things "senior" - and I don't mean over 60 stuff..... I'm talking high school graduation!!  John has only two more weeks of classes and a week later he will be graduating. 
Earlier this week we visited the program John will be attending in the Fall.  That set off a series of events - placement tests, purchasing books, interviews, signing up for classes....but we are good to go now!   I am excited for him as I think this program will be great for him..he will do well, I know!!

Then this weekend was prom.  He and his friends looked great and we were fortunate to get a break in the rain to be able to take some wonderful photos.  My sister came along to see the kids off to prom and at one point she turned to me and said, "I have taken 87 pictures!!"  I didn't dare look at how many I had taken!!  The day started with a hair cut and a trim of John's beard!   Then off to get the flowers and at 4:30 we were gathered at his friend's home for the pictures. We were there til after 6. Dave and I went to the after prom party site at 11PM to help set up and were asked to stay to help during the event with the many jobs that needed to be done to make the event go smoothly.  Though we had originally planned to leave at about 1 AM when the party started, we ended up staying until the event ended at 4 AM.  The kids had planned to go to IHOP at 4AM for breakfast but it turned out that they were all dragging so we headed home...tired, but happy that the day had been great for all.  The lady that put together the after prom party did an amazing job!  They had tons of food of all different types, and some amazing activities...lazer tag, a ladder climbing apparatus, a photo booth, air brushed tattoos, a coffee bar, toilet races and a bull riding apparatus.  The door prizes included TV's, computers, GPS, mini fridge, gift cards, and more.  Patti definitely deserves kudos!
I am so glad we got to enjoy the day with him...special moments.

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