Thursday, May 26, 2011

Shining gratitude

Hi all
This year, one of my schools decided to use the "shining" theme for their volunteer breakfast.  I like to contribute treats to the event and as soon as I heard the theme, I thought this idea would be perfect.  These pins are die cut on the Big Shot machine using the Island Floral and Blossom Party dies.

The metal is flashing material used in construction.  The flashing I had was silver-toned on one side and gold-toned on the other, which allowed me to have some variety to the end product.
I attached the pin backs using stick strip tape and used mini glue dots to attach the jewel rhinestones.

I thought that the presentation of the pins would be better if they were on a card backing.  I stamped them with the "sparkly and bright" stamp and "thank you" of course.  I was able to attach my blog addy to the back of the card in case anyone is interested in making some too.  Hope you like this sparkly project.


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Mary Sarah said...

Just found your blog. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing!