Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial day find...

Hi all
Hope everyone is enjoying a pleasant Memorial Day weekend.  I am using the weekend to make treats for the volunteers at one of my schools - I have about 85 finished but I think I need to do a few more, just in case.  I used the same idea I had used to make treats for my other school but this time I chose a different die - I like it even better than the first ones I made!!
No holiday weekend is complete without popping in and seeing what is on sale at the local craft stores - have to say that I was disappointed.  I hit three different stores and did not find anything great EXCEPT...
...pause now for a little story..
...I was fortunate to receive a Color Nook from my husband for Christmas.  I had wanted one but I have been surprised that I like it even more than I thought I would.  I was afraid I'd miss the feel of holding a book but I have found that the Nook is so much easier to read when you are lying down in bed.  I like to lay on my side and read.  Reading the one side of a book is easy but trying to get the other page of a book set up to read is awkward.  With the Nook you just prop it up and with the flick of your finger you whip through the book.  But how do you carry your Nook with you?  It won't fit in my purse room there.  I will be traveling this summer and want to take the Nook with me but the thought of accidentally leaving it in the pocket of the seat on the plane worries me...the last time I flew, I left a brand new book on the plane..rats!  I wanted a satchel to hold the nook but one that had a long strap so I can wear it.  Hands free and all that jazz.  I went on the internet and couldn't find much and most of what I found were black - ick! I wanted something pretty!!  So my husband bought me a lovely Vera Bradley bag for Easter.  Now I have to say, that is the FIRST and probably ONLY Vera Bradley bag I will ever have...too much money for a bag but it is perfect for holding my Nook and my little computer too.  When my husband gave me the bag, I said, "you watch, the Giant will have a bag special this summer and one of them will be a nook carrying bag for under $10".  Well I was almost right...I found a perfect size bag at ACM today for guess.....yep under $10.  I cracked up!  It was such a great price that I bought one for me and one for a friend who also has a Nook.  Now I have a "good" bag for special places and a "knock around" bag for when it might get dirty!!
Anyway, if you need a bag for your reader, go to the yarn department at ACM and get yourself a deal!

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