Saturday, May 7, 2011

lambie pie!!

Hi all
Hope of the folks out there who are mom's are being treated extra sweetly this weekend and that everyone out there is treating their own mom with love.

I was working in my stamp room today, getting ready to tackle several BIG projects, when it occurred to me that I never showed you the funny little treats I made for the staff at my home school for Easter.  Sadly, I did not get to make treats for my other school's staff - they will have to get something extra nice in May!!
Here is my little lambie pie!!  Some folks have made much more detailed versions of these treats but when you are doing over 60 of anything, you have to simplify simplify simplify..

I got great feedback from the gals.  Hope you like  them too...oh yeah!  yes they are made from the owl punch, the word window punch and the scallop punch

Hope you will join me for a Friday night stampin session this week - I need to hear from you by Tuesday the 10th if you plan to attend.  Fee is $15 for 6 projects.


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