Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Holiday SAS pt 1 project 2

Hi all
My project for you today is one of those that you can do in stages.  First, you need to punch out shapes - I used trees and ornaments and two different papers.  I punched out the items for my gals while I watched the ball game.  The punching takes some time but is mindless so you could easily do it while sitting in the car waiting for the kids to come out from football, swimming lessons, or whatever.  The punches themselves are small so they are easily carried around with you. 

This card was inspired by one made by Peggy Wilson but she used different papers and a different greeting.   I wanted a smaller greeting that would be more reminiscent of a tree trunk.  Anyway, the trick to assemble this card is to stamp the greeting first and then use a centering ruler.  Are you familiar with those?  The center of the ruler has a "0" and then the inches (and smaller lengths) are marked outward to either side.  When you want to center an image, you look to see if the same length is at either end of the card stock, and when the two ends match you know the center is where the zero is - no measuring!! 
I had the gals place the centering ruler above the greeting and tack it down with temporary adhesive.  Once they attached the bottom 5 trees with dimensionals, they were able to complete the rest of the trees and ornaments by eyeballing them.  Easy Peasy.  This card is similar to one we made last year using hearts.  Remember, reworking an old layout is a great way to create a fresh new look.  Would your friends like to make this card?  contact me to book your workshop, class or party.

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