Sunday, August 18, 2013

Silly me!!!

Hi stampers!!
While we were at the Stampin' Up! convention this summer, we were given a sample of the new material Stampin' Up! is selling so you can make your own stamp!  When I was in college, part of the training for occupational therapists had to do with crafts - block printing was one of the crafts we did.  I can tell you that carving away that linoleum block was real work - this product that Stampin' Up! is carrying is soo much easier to manage!!  As soon as I got mine I knew what I wanted to make.  Did you guess a Winnie the Pooh- no!!  I have tons of Pooh stamps!  Nope!  I wanted a Despicable Me minion!!  Take a look...

What do you think?  Not bad for a first try! How did I do it?  I got a coloring book and copied one of the pictures and then shrunk it until it was the size I wanted.  Then I scribbled all over the back of the picture with a #2 pencil.  I laid the paper on the rubber and traced over the lines of the image.  The graphite (from the pencil) on the back of the picture was transferred onto the rubber so I would know what parts to leave untouched.  Then I took my tools and carved away the rest (lucky me, I still have the tools I used back in the '70's!!!).  I love my little minion...hope my students will too!


Carol V said...

Peggy, that is SO CUTE! I love it and I am sure your students will too. I know my grandsons would!

Carol V said...

I love it! and I am sure your students will too! I know my grandsons would like it.