Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Shot Flower

Hi all
Recently, someone posted on one of my online groups that she wanted to make centerpieces for a church event and she wanted some suggestions.  I suggested she make the boxes I had done a while back with a flower on top. I thought she could hide a door prize inside the box.  She wanted a magnolia type flower and I had used the daisy die cuts but I was confident that she could mimic a magnolia with one of our dies.  She thanked me for my suggestion but said she had to make 25 of them and thought these would take too long.  That surprised me I decided to challenge myself to a timed assembly.  Believe it or not, I was able to choose cardstock, cut it to fit the die, run it through the Big Shot using the petals die, curl the petals, stack the layers, insert the button and add the leaves in 20 minutes!!!  Amazing, huh?  Now when you are doing multiple assemblies, it is best to do it assembly line style and that makes the whole thing go even faster.  You can do all the cutting quickly then curl and stack, finally adding the button.  I love my die cutting machine for all the great things you can make...quickly.  Love it.


Linda said...

This is so pretty, you did a great job and it looks real! I don't have that die, but I might have to splurge (again!) Thanks for sharing such great projects.


Tory said...

Love it, Peggy. And what a quick project. I bet you could made a BUNCH of those in a couple of hours!