Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day treats!!

Top of the evening to ya!   Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I have quite a bit of Irish in my background and so I do enjoy St. Patrick's Day.  I recently read a blog post somewhere where the lady talked about how she likes St Pat's day because there is no gift giving involved.  No hassles to spend a ton of money and make sure you attend to eveyone on a list.  Just a day of fun!  Now some folks drink green beer but I am not much for beer (unless there is a huge pile of steamed hard crabs next to it!) so I go for sweet treats instead.  I made about 125 of these little treats for my coworkers.  Have to admit that the word stamp is not Stampin' Up! - I found this one several years ago but I'm not even sure where I got it.  I cut cardstock in strips and punched slits in either end of the strip then wove the Reception stick in and out of the slits.  Viola'  yummy and cheering.  Of course I could have used Pixie Stixs or licorice sticks but the Reception sticks are so pretty (and so hard to find!)  Hope you had a laugh or two today!

I would love to have you join us at my stampin session this Sunday.  It is a fee based class and you are not required to make any other purchase.  You can see most of the projects on my recent  blog posts - if any of them look intimidating, please don't let that keep you from joining us...we are a very friendly and helpful bunch of stampers.  We will get everyone through the tasks as we share some friendly chatter.

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