Wednesday, March 31, 2010

mechanical treat cup card

Hi stampers!
Today I was blog hopping and visited the blog of Stasia Sloma - I love her work and visit her site full of wonderful work often  (she looks so young!!).  She had a cute little card using the hot air balloon and the round treat cup on her site today.  She showed how she closed up the back of her container and I liked her idea but then bam! I had a new idea I had not tried before with these cups.  See what i did below.
 Look inside the empty cup and you will see that there are different images inside there.
In the view above, you can see that the window is an open hole.  Each of these images/blank is stamped on or cut out of a circle.  If you move the circle/wheel (see the arrow on the right side), you can see the images/opening.  On the inside of the card you see the blank backside of the wheel (see below).
Here is a picture taken from inside the card that shows the wheel positioned so you can get the candy out of the cup.
The picture on the right shows the closed card with the candy inside.  I love mechanical cards and it was fun to figure out how to do this.  I have seen many clever ways to keep the candy inside the card but I think this is my favorite way.
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