Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stampin with the ladies!

Hi all
Sorry I haven't been posting the last couple of got busy!!!  It happens!!!  My son dashed off to Florida by coach bus on Thursday with his school bands and chorus, and is returning home tomorrow.  I am proud to say that his group won the top honors!!!  I was so surprised when I heard that because when I asked John how they had performed (before he knew they had won) he texted that "we could have done better!"  Apparently they did well enough!! 
Friday night I was prepping for a demonstration I did on Saturday.  The card (above) is one of the projects the ladies made.   These ladies have been scrapbooking and, I'm told, they have made cards using, primarily, stickers.  One of the ladies in the group contacted me and asked that I introduce the ladies to stampin'.  They are an active group of senior citizens who live at a new special housing site (the room where we met was lovely and sunny!!!) that is coincidentally, right behind a school where I formerly worked for 13 years.  The neighborhood has been refurbished and looks fabulous!!!  It was fun to revisit this neighborhood that had a tired look back in the years when I worked there.  It was a World War II community and needed, and deserved, the efforts that have been put in there.  I really appreciate the opportunity to see the progress there. 
And the ladies were great!  They jumped right in and tried everything I threw at them in spite of stiff joints and other physical limitations.  Their spirit is strong so they willingly accepted the challenges I tossed at them.  What fun! I couldn't decide if I was using my stampin' talents or my talents as an occupational therapist!  You know OT's believe that activity is restorative!   I hope to have the opportunity to revisit this lively group. 
Did I mention the lovely lunch they served?  I especially loved the fresh greens and strawberries.  Lovely colors and de-lish!!  I was lucky enough to be there when they celebrated Laura's birthday (can I say the number?  It wasn't so high).  Laura is not a resident there, but her mother in law is, and Laura is one of the two ladies who encourages and supports the group activity.  Although it was her birthday, I was the one who got the gift...Laura informed me she had decided to join my group of demos.  She is my latest recruit!!  Whoo hoo! Welcome, Laura!!  I hope you will get to meet my other gals soon...right now my most recent recruit is in Florida, but we will put something together once she returns home. 
Today I had hoped to do some stamping for the blog tour I am participating in later in April but my husband started asking me for tax filing info and I got totally distracted by that.  I hope tomorrow will be a play day.  Luckily we are now on spring break so I should have a couple of free hours AFTER I lunch with old friends from the school I mentioned earlier.  I love to reconnect with old friends. 
Would love to hear what is going on in your life.   If you haven't considered placing a Saleabration order...get busy!!!  Saleabration (SAB) ends on Wednesday!!!!  For each $50 (subtotal) you spend, you get to choose a FREE gift.  The lovely punch I used to make the edge on the card above is one of the free gifts available know that punch would cost 15.95 if it were in the current catalog.  If you earn that punch, it is like getting better than a 30 % discount - remember you get the free item and pay no shipping or tax on the gift.  I hope you will give yourself a spring treat ..or tell your loved ones to contact me to purchase a Easter treat for you.  Contact me soon!!

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