Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2-21-11 card class project #2

Hi all
Holy cow!!   As I am writing this (Monday night), we are waiting for the arrival of yet more SNOW - enough! I say, ENOUGH!!  When the ladies came to stamp today, I was under the impression that we would be getting under an inch...therefore no more than a delayed opening of school was possible for Tuesday.  BUT the ladies had all stayed on top of the prediction better than me and they informed me that the prediction was changed to 3-6".  When my son got home from work (he works for the local power company) he said, "You aren't going to school tomorrow.  They are calling for 4-6" snow!"  NOOOO!  I have had enough!!  And we are about to embark on 8 consecutive weeks without a holiday - if we are going to get another snow day, I would much rather it come in a couple of weeks when I am desperate for a day off.  Woe is me!!

Well here is a another of the projects from Monday's class.  This beautiful card was tweaked from Mary Fish's project. She used a different color (I used rich razzleberry, isn't that a fun color to say?) and I managed my flower a bit differently than she did.  For mine, I crumpled up the cardstock is a tight ball and then opened it up and separated the two layers from the cardstock.  If you have trouble separating the layers you can either do more crumpling or run a bone folder over the paper several times to break down the fibers.  The reason I did that was that I like the suede-like look of the inside of the cardstock and thought it added a shabbiness to the look.  I also added the antique brad - she had used a button. One of the great things about this card is it encourages you to use up all those small pieces of cardstock that you cannot let yourself throw away but are often too small to use.  Each square is 1 1/4".  What?  You say you don't want to sit and cut up all those little squares?  Well.. see, that is why you should come to my classes.  I DO ALL THE GRUNT WORK!  I pre cut all the papers and I even separated the layers of the flowers for the gals. Don't you wish you had been there too?
Take a look...

Be sure to shoot me your topics for upcoming classes.  I am in the process now of setting my March schedule.  With my son graduating high school this year, I have to be extra careful to plan my commitments.  Don't want to miss a single senior event!!
Be warm!

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