Sunday, February 6, 2011

heart card - project #7

Hi all,
I just finished writing a report for school tomorrow and I'm not even sure who won the big game...but I think it wasn't the Steelers!!  Saw a brief snippet on a different channel than I am watching and looks to me like the Steelers got beat.  There must be lots of happy Raven's fans!!  I am an occupational therapist so when I saw that Dateline was doing a two hour special tonight on the guy who had to cut off his arm because he was wedged in a canyon, I had to watch.  You know, all that upper extremity stuff and all!

Anyway, I want to show you the final card from my heart class ...This is probably my favorite card from the session.  In part because it was my original idea.  That always feels good!!  Here it is...

This card is such fun!!  I love to use the clear cups - such a fun place to store a treat!!  But I hate to destroy a card to get to the I always try to find a way to get to the treat without tearing the card.  I did that by die cutting the square scallop with a hinge on top.  You do that by folding the cardstock and putting it on the die just inside the scalloped cut lines on one side.  That gives you scallops on three sides and a hinge on top.  I used the hand held heart punch and punched both layers - you cannot punch them at the same time (it will kill your hand!) so punch one layer and then punch the second layer through that first hole.  I put the candy treat inside the cup (I used cinnamon candy hearts but a chocolate foil-covered heart also fit in the cup) and then put a layer of acetate on the back of the cup.  If you remove the paper strip on the sticky of the lip of the cup, you can attach the acetate directly onto the back of the cup to keep the candy from falling out.  Then I put the cup though the hole in the top layer of the hinged scallop square segment. 

The hole in the bottom layer is so the DSP can show through the cup.  I punched the arrows from the retired my way punch and attached them with brads.  These arrows serve the purpose of closing the scallop square layer.  That way, you can swing the arrows away, open the square scallop, remove the treat and close the card again. Inside here is where you would sign the card as there is no other layer.

The bottom heart is layered basic gray on real red ( I used the hand held punch and the mover and shapers heart for the two layers).  I cut a zig zag in the heart and sponged that and the edges with gray and then inserted the larger arrow into the zig zag.(Cupid!)  The white gel pen was used to do the "dotting".  Hope you love it!!   I really like the masculine feel of the card - the big bold gray X's, the chunky arrows and the "mechanical" part of the swinging arrows and the hinged layer.   My guys love mechanical cards.!!!
Thanks for stopping by...would love to hear what you think about my card!!

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Cherie said...

This is so cute! I like the idea of not having to tear the card apart to get the treats! I'm going to try this! Thanks so much for sharing!