Wednesday, February 2, 2011

heart card - project #3

Hi Stampers
As I am writing this, we are home yet again for weather reasons....except we don't really seem to have bad weather.  Very frustrating!  We all love to stay at home, all warm and cozy, when the snow is falling like crazy, but when we get jerked around by Mother Nature, we just want to scream!  Chances are, at this rate,  we will be going to school right into next year!  Of course, my son is enjoying this quite a lot.   He is a senior in high school and will be "done" long before we start the make up days.  I fear he will get up in June and July just to laugh at me as I drive off to school. Oh well!
Today I am showing you another "heart, but not necessarily valentine, card."  Sweet and simple.

The picture seems to block out the bottom layer which is certainly celery.  Cheerful card for a dreary day.  Hope your day is full of joyful hearts too.

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