Sunday, February 20, 2011

The ways of life...

Hi all
Well, life does make its' odd twists and turns..and sometimes a situation turns out better than expected.  I planned to have a stampin' session today.  One of the participants called to say she had a issue arise and wouldn't be able to make it and she would connect with me later to get her parts...I suggested that she come on Monday to do the projects instead because we are off of school for President's day.... well that was the beginning of series of phone calls and odd coincidences and the long and short of it is that all the participants are coming on Monday at 2 PM now.  I can take some extra folks so if you want to come on Monday also to make a nice assortment of cards, contact me by 7PM today (Sunday) and I will prep materials for you too.  Maybe this strange twist of events will make a session more convenient for you too...hope to see you with us.  Tomorrow I will start posting the pictures.

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