Monday, February 28, 2011

2-21-11 card class project #8

Hi all

Today I am sharing the last card we made at the 2-21 class.  This card is very special and was inspired by one I saw on a blog by Valitas.  She generously included the measurements but alas, I think she is in Australia so she gave metric measures.  The standard measurements (in the US) were odd - not full inches, etc.  Plus the end result was an odd sized card - 5.5 square, I think.  So I spent some time diddling with the idea until I could get the numbers to yield a card that is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2.  Here is my version of the card.....
Okay...I am having trouble with blogger tonight so let me just explain what is above.  The third pic is the front of the card.  The first picture shows this card from the front when it is open and the second card shows this is really a box that opens up when you pull the two front panels apart.  Inside our card, we put a scented room air freshener, but you could just as easily put a gift card inside.  The daisies on this card are feminine but if you used a more masculine image this would be a great card for a guy because I find that guys love cards that have a mechanical component.  I think this was so fun - contact me if you'd like the measurements or a tutorial.

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Tory said...

I love your box-card, Peggy. I saw this and have been working out the measurments, too. I think I have it, but need to have one more go at it. If it doesn't come out the right size, I will be emailing you for measurements. Thanks for sharing such a great project.