Sunday, July 21, 2013

convention trades #5

Hi Stampers
Well, today is return home day.  Usually by this time in the convention experience, I am eager to get home and start using the great ideas I have heard/seen at convention.  Of course, I am eager to see my family ...but one of my sons is headed out of BWI just a few short hours before I land there.   He is on his way to KOREA!  Yikes! 
Today I have a card for you that came to me while playing with my hexagon punch.  I have seen lots of things done with the arrangement of the hexagons but I haven't seen this arrangement.

When you take cards to convention, it can be a challenge to keep them safe when everyone is swapping like crazy.  I wanted to pop up the hexagons but I thought they might get snagged while I was handling them so I attached them directly to the card front.  BUT I wanted them to pop!  So I applied the dazzling details around the outer edge.  I like it!
Hope to see you soon so I can share the convention high!

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