Wednesday, July 24, 2013

convention trades #8

Hi all
My final convention trade project is here for you, today.

This idea came to me as I was unpacking my last order.  Included in the box was a cool new product which will be available to customers in the next mini catalog in August.  The letters were made using stencils and a dauber.  Across the top of the card is a strip of special burlap ribbon - actually the ribbon is twice as wide as what you see but I cut it lengthwise to get a narrower strip.  I really like this card as it has a very different look from my usual style.
The letters were done using a stencil set which is part of the Build a Banner set in the new mini catalog. Love it!


AMY MCCABE said...

Great card! Love your idea!

TexasGramma said...

These are lovely cards. Question: are the letter from the Build a Banner kit (page 31)?

Peggy said...

Yes, Texas Gramma - I did use the letter stencils from the build a banner kit in the new mini catalog. Stay tuned! I will be using this special tool several more times in the coming weeks! Thanks for visiting.