Friday, October 30, 2009

Bats in my belfry

Hi all
Just a quick note to say hi and I'll be back soon- we have been running like crazy folks with the band and our final performance is just ten days away. Yesterday, we put together an outdoor picnic for the band - hot dogs, beans, snacks, cake, hot chocolate, sodas and the most yummy yummy yummy CRAB SOUP!!! It has been a new tradition for our group to have Maryland Crab Soup when we tailgate with the band. We could not tailgate this year due to limited facilities at the competition site, but we didn't want to miss out on our fun with the kids. This picnic was our pseudo tailgate! In fact, they named it halloween-gate! Thanks to Barb and Charlie, we had their soup again ...delish!! Their son is a senior so this is his last year in marching band and Barb was sweet enough to hand down the particulars of what she did to make the tailgating work, along with her recipe me! I am going to do everything in my power to keep the traditon going next year. I was delighted to also receive two huge containers of the soup - it was a hit back home, for sure! After we did the picnic, my gang snapped into action to assemble treat bags for the kids which they recieved at the end of practice. I whipped two halloween wheels across some lunch bags and we walked around depositing candies in the bags til all the candy was divvied out. This weekend we are free - thank heaven! 'cuz I have been going through stampin withdrawal but we will be playing on Sunday, making thanks and thanksgiving projects. Thanks for your patience while I support my sons efforts in band. Soon I will get back to posting more projects - the ideas are in my head, I just need time to get them made up!
Hope your tick or treat bags are full of your favorite treats!!
I should remind you that the final deal of the week ends on Saturday - pirate and princess kits! I'll bet you know a kid who would love to have these for his/her party!

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