Thursday, October 15, 2009

part 2 Holiday stamp a stack, project #4

Oh wow! I am not absolutely positive who to credit with design. I THINK it is tweaked from Paula Goff..but I might be wrong on that. If anyone knows for sure, correct me please. This card uses gold metallic paper - I always use that sparingly as an accent as it is a bit more expensive than the regular cardstock. I don't always think to pull out my classy brass stencils so I really enjoyed using it to punch the holes around the circle. I pulled out a retired stamp for the greeting as I thought this card would serve my gals better with a "neutral" greeting instead of a Merry Christmas. Pretty huh?
I am pre-posting this card in advance - by the time you read it, it will be the big day for Chic fil a night to benefit the band, the night of the fall concert and the debut of my birchwood rose sale to benefit the band program ..oh and my birthday. Can you figure out why I am posting in advance? I will be exhausted on Thrusday night!! For sure!! Hope you have a pleasant evening!!
Nighty Night

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Linda said...

Happy Birthday, Peggy. I posted on FB but didn't know if you checked. Hope you had a good day. Talk to you soon.