Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quick shout out!

Hi all
Just a quick post today...we are headed to yet another band event so I have to post quickly. We have been sooo busy - Tuesday night we had a productive visit to career night at the high school - I think we have formed a great plan for John for after he graduates high school next year. Wednesday night was band practice and the meeting of the parents of students in the class of 2011 - to talk about fundraisers! Yikes!! I feel like all we do is fundraisers for the band and now we need to do it to prepare for the prom for the class of 2011!!

Thursday night was the chick fil a night fundraiser and John's concert where I sold birchwood roses to benefit the band boosters. They were very well received and I think if we hold the sales at each band event we will net a nice profit. Of course the engraved roses were VERY popular.
I want to shout out for all the lovely cards and emails I received for my birthday. Surprisingly enough even though we ate the fast food dinner and I stood on my feet all night selling flowers, it really was a fun birthday. Especially when this pictured group of "performers" (the drumline! ) came to sing happy birthday to me in the lobby. Too funny - we know why they play the drum instead of being in the chorus - but to me it sounded divine. Aren't they handsome! Some of you will notice that my own son is not in the group. He was off putting equipment on the I'm told!! Later in the evening, his new little girlfriend coaxed him into singing to me. Sorry the picture is blurry - my sister is still trying to figure out her new phone features. Last night I spent a good deal of time on my feet again at the band boosters basket bingo. I think we did well - the room sure looked full and there was lots of food, beverages, raffles and special game cards bought! Long, but fun, night. As I said at the beginning, Dave and I are headed out to the next performance in spite of the rain, rain, rain. We are told the kids will play standing still inside instead of performing the field show outside in the rain (yeah! it is about 40 degress out there!). Hope the rain stops, as tomorrow is our local halloween parade - the band will not participate if it is raining - and without the band there is not much of a parade!!!
Look forward to coming home tonight to continue watching the full set of West Wing DVDs that my hubby gave me for my birthday - great gift (my favorite show!) I can enjoy for hours - SITTING DOWN!
So thanks again for the well wishes - cards, emails, and comments on the blog. Love em all!!

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Jill Henage said...

cute pic!! glad you had a good bday! miss you!!