Saturday, October 10, 2009

halloween hello!

Hello all!!
I want to thank yo'al who called or emailed to check in on me, asking if I am okay during my little posting lapse. I am fine ...just wickedly busy. Tomorrow and Sunday I am having part two of my holiday greeting card stamp a stack sessions (part three will be in November!). Prepping for them is a tremendous amount of work. I have never quantified just how much work these take but one of my gals asked me how many pieces I had to cut. Hmmmm ... interesting question. This time we are doing five designs (which I will be posting this week) and the gals are doing four of each card. There are about 31 pieces per person to cut so I have cut nearly 1500 pieces..yeah! that would be why you haven't been hearing from me. Throw in there John's short incident of fever with his head cold - not flu like everyone fears (which made him miss 1 1/2 days of school - there goes years of perfect attendance!) and all the band events we are prepping for - there has barely been time to breathe. I am responsible for selling birchwood memento roses to benefit the band on Oct 15th at John's next band concert (regular band, not marching)...which happens to fall on my birthday. That is also Chick fil a night for the band. I am helping out at a basket bingo event next Friday, again to benefit the marching band ( I love the marching band!!) and if any of you are free on Oct 16th, we'd love to have you join us. The fee is$15 and tickets can be bought at the door. Contact me for details. Let's see ... we have a band competition next week, two parades, ..whew!!! I think you can see why I have been missing in action. My sons are soo important to me and I don't want to miss a single opportunity to support their efforts. High school years fly by so quickly that in a flash they will both be out and mom will have time to clean house or what ever. For now, they come first. So thanks for your concern ...hope I haven't lost you during my lapse.
Today I am posting a little halloween project - using the circle punch and the Sweet Centers stamp set. Gotta hit the hay...the gals will be here to stamp before you know it!!
Nighty Night

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