Monday, February 1, 2010

Lovely bird project #1

 Let me say that Mother Nature has - once again - gotten one over on me!!! All week they have been saying the the approaching winter storm was going to sweep south of us - nothing to worry about!  Well I woke up on Saturday to considerable snow and more fell all day long.  I was convinced we were not going to be able to have my stampin' session today so I called the ladies and postponed it til February 21st (the first date they were all available at the same time. Thanks ladies for your patience - you're the best!!)  Then I got up today and the skies were clear and the sun was shining.  So now I have to admit, we probably could have had the session... although parking would have been a bit dicey.  I bow to the power of Mother Nature.  Wouldn't have thought she woudl have messed with me when the topic of the class is birds!!!
So I will show you what we will be making on Feb 21st ...maybe a few more of you would like to join us.  Just give me a call or email!!
I saw a card like this on Mary Jo's blog and decide to try my hand at it.  Her's had birdseed inside the cup and was really lovely but I decided to go a bit more on the cute side and used gummy worms!  My bird is from Cheep Talk and seemed a bit more playful than her bird so I thought the gummy worms were an appropriate match.  Her's was on a stick with a base (not sure how she got it to stay upright) but I knew the weight of the worms would never permit that so I put a jumbo grommet in the top so mine could hang.  I think it would cheer the heart of any kid ( from 5 to 50) to receive this.  I always perforate the area behind my cups so the recipient can open the back and get the goodie without destroying the front of the card.
Hope it cheers you to see it too!

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Chanda Stehlik said...

Awwwww, this is soooo cute! I love the little worm in there! What a cute idea! TYFS!!!

Chanda Stehlik