Saturday, February 13, 2010

Stampin' Up! Petal Card die

Hi all

The other day I saw a nifty box on  Margaret Raburn's blog and I just had to give it a try.  Here is how I did it.  First you have to die cut four of the petal cards (113467).  The petal die cuts a piece like this:
When I cut my four cards, I eliminated one side which you would have to cut off.  
By only covering the center and the three side petals, you save yourself some cardstock.  When I cut mine, I cut a 3" x 12" piece of cardstock, covered the part of the die I wanted, die cut, flipped the remaining cardstock over, and cut again until I had all the pieces I needed. Actually, since my box is two toned, I cut both pieces of cardstock at the same time.

Then you overlap the side flaps, til you have a row of four.  The right end flap is then connected to the far left end to form the box.  The end petals are the top and bottom of the box.  Be sure to fold the flaps in one at at time in order to get the effect.
 The box on the left  has the curved flaps on the inside and the box on the right has the flaps on the outside.  I have another idea about how to use this idea and hope to make one up tomorrow ...probably while I watch the Opening of the Olympics.
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stampingmadly said...

Nice use for the petal die. Thanks for posting to LNS.