Wednesday, August 10, 2011

post convention card class #2 project #6

Hi all
Well I had yet ANOTHER odd "chance meeting" this week.  While I was out with my family, I ran into a former coworker - we had worked together in the county many years ago.  I have seen her from time to time but it has been quite a while since our last contact.  Then my family and I were out for dinner and I ran into another former coworker FROM THE SAME SCHOOL.  Not sure what the significance is of all these chance re-encounters of connected folks, so close together in time, but I am enjoying seeing these gals and hearing about their job promotions and retirements. 
Tonight I am presenting to you a fun little card that was inspired by a convention trade I received from Karen Reid at convention.  Her card was square and did not include the elements at the bottom of my card... again similar, but with a touch of a difference. 

Pink and chocolate are such a great combination.  I especially enjoyed using my wheel..I haven't been using them much lately.  When I wanted to add a greeting, a "get well" thought came to mind immediately.   I thought the tea bag and tag were the perfect way to deliver that greeting.  Hope you like the idea...but don't have anyone who needs a "get well" greeting!

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