Thursday, August 11, 2011

post convention card class #2 project #7

Dodo dodo dodo dodo  (image creepy music!)
IT happened again!!!   the lady I saw the other day at lunch at Wendy's, showed up at another favorite haunt on  Monday!!!!  I was telling my friend about all of my chance meetings I have had lately and darn if Pat didn't show up again!!  Wow!  The good thing was, she was able to tell me her co-workers name (sorry, Sue, I couldn't remember your name!!)  Wonder why I am suddenly having so many run ins with folks from those two schools where I formerly worked?!
Today I have a card for you ...a  fun little summer card.  I saw a card at convention where the person used the spotlighting technique instead of coloring in all the details of an image and I wanted to give it a try.  I think it works beautifully here. 

The umbrella was made from a scallop circle punch which is slit from edge to center in one spot and then acordian folded.  Cute, huh?
Hope you have already contacted me to sign up for the class on Sunday (14th) where we will make this card and the others recently posted.  Today is the registration deadline.

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