Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Shot Creativity part 2

Hi all, This fabulous project is the combination of two projects I found on the internet. I found this lotus - water lily on Connie Collins' beautiful site. But heck! It needed the perfect base to show off how gorgeous it is. Well, then I saw the niftiest box by someone named Vicki Hook. She had used a score pal to make the box and honestly, I was getting kinda confused by her instructions. There was nothing wrong with her instructions but I do not have a score pal and so I did not have the reference points to understand what she wanted me to do. I am good, spatially, and I understood that base of the box was 2 7/8 square and stood 3" high so I was able to work out the other measurements. To me, the grasses stamp was the perfect companion to this lotus flower and I was thrilled to add the horizontal slot punches to make some of the grasses look like cat tails. That idea has been around a long time but I think this was the first time I have used it.The fact that the box is held together with the belly band of the four grass pictures means you can open the box without destroying it. Have to admit that I did put a dot on the grass picture and its companion green side of the box so I can slip it on and know that I have the correct alignment. I love this project. It is not for the faint of heart but it is worth all the steps. My husband was impressed - he always likes the "mechanical" projects - it's the engineer in him!! Of course, the gals loved it too - we all know exactly who is going to receive our boxes!!


Linda said...

Oh I hope it's ME that you give this too, lovely roomie!! LOL
Just kidding, it's really nice and I must know how to do this one, really!!! Very nice.

Anonymous said...

Peg!! This is absolutely beautiful! OMGosh! Need to case this! LOVE it TFS!!!