Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cheep talk tin

Hi all,
Can you tell that I have no control over my pictures? Frustrating!! No matter what order I select the pictures (forward, backward or randomly) they never show up the way I want them to. Since I am not computer savvy, I guess I am lucky they show up at all!!

ANYHOW, there are three pictures: one of the cover, which I love!! I think it turned out soooo cute! and two pictures of the inside of the tin. One of the pictures shows the inside with the envelopes in place on the left side - tied in using retired old olive ribbon - and another picture with the envelopes removed so you can see the little die cut scallop envelope for storing postage stamps. The ribbon on the right side of the tin is not Stampin' Up! We used that ribbon because it made a nice flat (not too bulky) ribbon to hold in the cards. Tight squeeze!

Nighty Night

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Michelle said...

cute... where did you purchase the tin?