Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bird in a tree - and a personal reflection

Hi all
Tonight I am sharing a card with you that we will be making at my class on July 26th in my stamp room in Perry Hall. This is a 3 x 6 card which fits into a bill paying envelope. I want to tell you that this card was inspired by one from the December 2008 issue of Stampin' Success Magazine (a magazine for SU demos). The artist's name was not listed so I assume this is a "corporate" card - that is, it was made by an employee of Stampin' Up! The bird house was made from three hand-held punches and is my own unique element. Now, why in the heck did I go into all that detail? Well, a comment was made to me recently about the fact that some of my class projects have been "taken" from others on the internet and such. I have been thinking about the comment and have felt upset. Tonight it all became clear to me what was bothering me about the comment which seems to be a criticism. Here it is....The thing I LOVE about being a Stampin' Up! demo is that I find stampers, more than any other crafters, are the most generous people. They love to share their ideas and are flattered by others' interest in their projects. They create projects with the sole intent of giving them away! I stamp original projects for my classes but I also spend hours surfing the internet and reading magazines to find the most current and fabulous projects out there to share with my gals...and I honestly tell the gals when the idea is copied or originated elsewhere. I try to always give credit when I know who to give the credit to and I usually tweak the ideas to add my own mark on the projects. I do this in the atmosphere of sharing. I recently took a class on the brain where the concept of innovation was discussed. Experts have found that very few ideas are the unique output of one person. Most ideas are the subtle mix of elements, spun together, with repeated enhancements as the idea evolves. I love that notion! I pass my ideas onto others and gratefully receive theirs as well. I am here to add some joy to my own life, to the lives of my stampin' friends, and to the lives of people lucky enough to receive our handiwork. I will continue to pass on as many of the amazing ideas I see out there as I can. Warmest thanks to those of you who come back to visit me here. I'd love to have you join us at a class and I am always here to help you and your friends at a workshop. Stamp on!!
Nighty Night


Linda said...

Very well said, Peggy and I feel the same way as you!!! Rock on SU demos, we live to share.

Hugs to you my friend.

pattic said...

looking forward to this no matter who's idea it was!!