Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Shot Creativity part 4

Hi all
The general directions to make this big popper project was shared with demos on the SU! website. I love how easily this box can be made bigger or smaller to fit whatever you want to put inside. And once you open the end you can easily reclose the box. Neat!
Nighty Night


Peggy said...

Apparently some folks are having trouble posting comments here to my blog :-(. Terry was kind enough to email me her comment to post for her Here it is...
Peggy, Your classes are awesome and surpass any other class I have attended. Your hours of research, personal creativity, passion, and hours of work make your classes the BEST! I'm so happy I found you! Thank you for everything you do to make the classes fun, interesting and challenging! And, as far as borrowing some ideas - - what better compliment is there to someone when you say, "Hey I think your work is great, I'm going to show my class and tell them you did it!" You always give credit to where credit is due. You are a "First Class" Demonstrator!!! Keep up the great work. Terry
thanks Terry!

Linda said...

Nice compliment and I totally agree with Terry even though I've never been to your classes I've had the pleasure of being your convention buddy for many years and have recieved many of your wonderful creations. Love ya, girl!!