Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Holiday/Xmas Card Stamp a Stack, Part 4, card 3

Hi all
Today's card is sooo cute!!  The design was inspired by a wonderful stamper, Belinda Tubby.  My ladies were worried about cutting 6 gingerbread boys times 4 cards, but I had scissors at the ready so they needn't have worried - I cut out lots of them for them.  The baking pan is silver card stock - I tried actually using metal but it was hard to get a clean fold on the ends so I used the silver card stock instead.  The layering of the word set initially seemed a challenge but when the ladies saw a demo of how I did the faux layer, they were good to go!  When you want to make a card like this -one  that involves tight cutting, I like to put the stamped strip and a pair of straight and curved blade cuticle scissors in an envelope.  Then when I get stuck at a long traffic light, or have to wait in the doctor's office, I can just pull out the materials and cut a few more.   Makes it less tedious.
Don't you love it???????

Isn't it soo cheerful??!

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Linda said...

This is too adorable!! Love the baking sheet. You are so clever, my friend.

Kathryn said...

I LOVE this card! Thanks again for rescheduling for us sick-os! You are the best.