Sunday, December 19, 2010

What's she been up to?

Happy holidays, stampers!!
I know yo'al  have been as busy as I have been lately.  That's just the way it is at this time of year.
Today I spent five hours at B&N gift wrapping for donations for the drumline and color guard.  We did better this week in terms of donations in comparison to last week.... but I am glad to say, that is the last time I will have to do that.  I am not a good "sit around and wait for something to happen" person.  When I have free time, I usually launch into one of the many things I have in my head to do....Long story on where that comes from, I just know that is how I operate... so I try to always have a little something to do ..just in case there is a lull.  Today we had some odd was that the lady that organized our service witnessed an accident through the front window of the store.  She was able to catch the owner of the car that was struck ..which made us all feel better as the driver had walked off without leaving a note.

Tonight I wanted to show you what has had my attention lately...

All  these Santas and reindeer will be attached to small bags of candy for my coworkers.  Here is a picture of the 100 or so I have already finished - only about 30 or 40 to go....but I ran out of candies.  Good thing we are shopping tomorrow because I want to get these done before Monday.
Lucky for me, my friend, Kathryn recently brought me six of these nifty tins - they are perfect for holding my candy treats until I can deliver them.  Of course, I am already percolating on what I will do with the tins once I hand out the treats.  I also have some neat jars coming that I hope to feature in my Valentine class.  Stay tuned for details on that upcoming class.
Here is a pic of the individual treats...

Aren't  they sweet?
Some of the treats have regular M&M's and some have mint M&M's and still others have peanut M&M's.  I have to say the regular M&M's are the easiest to insert into the plastic sleeves.  I want to show you how I filled the sleeves (I didn't want to actually touch the candies I put in the sleeves).  Here is the beading tool I used to scoop up the candies and pour them into the sleeves.

Once the candies were on the tool, I inserted it into the sleeve and in went the candies!! Clean!!

Wish I could show you the candies going into the bag, but as I said earlier, I have run out of candies!!  Should have taken the pics earlier!!
Hope you are making great progress on your holiday gifts too.

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